Vinyasa Yoga means that your postures are synchronized with your breath. Scroll down to select the vinyasa lesson that suits you.

Beginner - Intermediate Level

At the end of the Vinyasa Yoga course, you will feel extremely calm and peaceful, as the focus required to integrate the breath and movement makes the mind move away from other thoughts.

Do not think as "I am not flexible, I can't do yoga". Vinyasa Yoga is suitable for all ages and sizes. As your lessons progress, you won't believe how much your body is developing.

Our beginner-intermediate courses are suitable for:​

  • For those who meet Yoga for the first time

  • People who like active classes

  • Who want to learn breathing control

  • For those who want to learn basic postures and breathing techniques in detail

Intermediate - Advanced Level

In the mid-advanced Vinyasa Yoga classes, we are now able to increase the use of supplementary materials such as paired works, walls, arches and blocks in order to advance further in the postures we can easily do. Our target stances are diversifying, we are developing ourselves in advanced balance studies and inversions. If you want to increase your resilience while moving between asanas and to exceed the limits of your body, you can choose our medium-advanced Vinyasa lessons.

Our intermediate-advanced courses are suitable for:

  • The masters of basic postures
  • Participating in Yoga classes for more than a year
  • Fluency lovers in their applications
  • Those who enjoy the speed of passage between asanas.
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