Bakırkoy Zeytinlik

Bakirkoy Zeytinlik Studio has the same transportation advantages as our other studios in Bakirkoy, we continue our Aerial Yoga and Yoka lessons here.

Aerial Yoga and Yoka lessons, which are organized by our experienced instructors, are waiting for our Zeytinlik branch. Our aerials are from silk fabrics we have carefully selected from abroad. To be used in our Yoka lessons, we have barfixes and wall-mounted iron bars. After your membership, you can attend the courses in both Bakirkoy Center and Zeytinlik branches.

In our studios, you can spend time in our lounge and always enjoy our hot Yoga tea so you can feel at home and completely away from the daily stress.

Five minutes from Capacity and Carousel shopping centers and 10 minutes walking distance from bus and bus stops, Bakırköy Zeytinlik Studio can be easily reached by leaving your private car to shopping center car parks.





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